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How we help companies raise capital

Too many companies struggle to raise capital. Venture capital and bank funding are often difficult to secure. Without sufficient funding, great ideas can’t flourish.For genuinely innovative ventures requiring up to $5 million funding per year:

  • Apply for an exclusive invitation to participate in the IMENCA™ business evaluation workshop (a requirement for every company considering raising capital) based on 25+ years of rigorous, peer-reviewed research in the field of entrepreneurial process by Professor Kevin Hindle, Professor Brent Mainprize and other distinguished experts
  • Eligible companies receive feedback and support from our executive team including some of the world’s most experienced investment bankers with extensive experience in capital raising, entrepreneurship and digital marketing
  • Secure a guided capital-raising journey, assistance in preparing materials and help attracting funding
  • Learn how to identify, communicate and engage with your investor crowds

The Enable Capital Raising Process

  1. APPLY – Apply to attend the IMENCA™ business evaluation workshop.
  2. COMPLETE IMENCA – Results are evaluated to determine listing eligibility and potential. Only a subset of the most compelling companies are recommended.
  3. PITCH – Get valuable feedback from our Listing Committee. This rigorous screening process endeavours to highlight potential business model or operational changes to expedite fundraising success.
  4. PREPARE – If your company is approved, we collaborate with you on preparation of offer documentation and marketing materials.
  5. CAMPAIGN – Launch your offer marketing campaign to your crowd and our crowd.