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Iron Glen is an exploratory mining company operating in Northern Queensland that focus on iron ore, limestone, copper and silver deposits.

Their successful Capital Raising Campaign with ASSOB allowed key mining operations to commence in late 2010.

Iron Glen was subsequently acquired in mid 2011 by Strategic Minerals Plc (AIM:SML) on the London Stock Exchange, their market cap is £25m.

Quote from the Company Director:

“We wish to state for the record that ASSOB has made this UK listing possible. It has provided us with the means of raising the seed capital that facilitated the activation of our exploration and corporate development programs.”

ASSOB has had many great success stories, but this truly stands out and here is a quick snapshot.

​Round 1 share price on ASSOB = $0.03, current share price of strategic minerals (LSE: SML) plc = £2.08 = AUD 3.52 as at 03/10/2017

Investor return of over 100 times – ie. if $1,000 was invested in R1 on ASSOB, it would now be worth over $100,000.

Iron Glen Holdings Ltd

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