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Cocoon Data Holdings Ltd has developed software which provides the secure storage of confidential files. Their software package delivers a level of data security that the Directors believe no other solution can compete with.

The system allows files to be encrypted and sent anywhere in the world whilst maintaining control over who can access them.

The Company is now publicly listed on the ASX as the entity Covata (ASX:CVT).

Covata’s DNA is data security. Its patented Secure Objects technology underpins two data security offerings: Safe Share and Covata Delta.

Safe Share is an award-winning file sharing application, approved for UK government G-Cloud 8 Tier 2 Secret level file sharing.

Delta is a cloud service that enables end-to-end encryption allowing secure sharing for Big Data, Healthcare, and Cloud Solutions.

Market Capitalisation  as at 3/10/2017: $30.6M 

Market Capitalisation at peak: $300M+ (13/04/2015, share price = ~$0.6)

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