Enabling results through The IMENCA™ by Enable System

Enable Funding offers a proprietary Business Opportunity Evaluation, Optimisation and Screening process known as the IMENCA™ by Enable System.

The IMENCA™ by Enable System is central to Enable’s screening process.

Capital-raising companies, assisted by an Enable Funding Tier-Two accounting partner, attend a one-day workshop where they are evaluated by the proprietary IMENCA™ by Enable business model review system.

The genesis of IMENCA™ by Enable emanated from longitudinal studies of venture capital funding of business plans and the success of funded businesses. This pioneering and rigorous research referenced logistic regression techniques captured in a powerful proprietary algorithm predicting:

  • 89% likelihood of attracting venture funding; and
  • 79% likelihood of successful venture establishment

Logistic regression is the backbone of the ever developing IMENCA™ by Enable System using artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

The IMENCA™ by Enable System

imenca graph

From sophisticated research findings, 15 factors were uniquely identified to explain most of the variance between funding success and failure.

The easy-to-apply IMENCA™ by Enable System ensures that:

  • Investors benefit from higher quality investment opportunities and greater likelihood of success for funded ventures;

    Capital Raising Companies benefit from professional financial and business models that improve the likelihood of attracting funding and trading successfully. Only investment opportunities that have been qualified and endorsed through the IMENCA™ by Enable System can be listed on the Enable Funding Platform, that guarantees completion of the following:

  • The intensive IMENCA™ workshop;
  • Mentoring support for evaluating and optimising the business;
  • Developing independently assessed financial forecasts;
  • Independent valuation of the business;
  • Independent review and assessment of their human capital;
  • Presentation of the investment pitch to the Listing Committee; and
  • Complete due diligence review and approval.

The IMENCA™ by Enable System is truly a great “enabler” for attracting funding and enhancing the likelihood of investment success.