Enabling results through IMENCA

IMENCA Diagram

We offer a truly distinctive benefit to issuers and investors alike; a Business Opportunity Evaluation, Optimisation and Screening process known as “the IMENCA™ system”.

IMENCA™ is an acronym for ‘Improving Entrepreneurial Capacity’. Our business opportunity evaluation, optimisation, screening and mentoring process is designed to help improve the quality and investment performance of commercial opportunities before raising capital.

At the heart of our IMENCA™ workshops is the Business Evaluation Calculus (BEC) software. BEC was developed by leading researchers in entrepreneurship including Professor Kevin Hindle, Professor Brent Mainprize and Natalia Mainprize.

The genesis of BEC emanated from longitudinal studies of venture capital funding of business plans and the success of funded businesses. This pioneering and rigorous research referenced logistic regression techniques captured in a powerful proprietary algorithm predicting:

  • 89% likelihood of attracting venture funding
  • 79% likelihood of successful venture establishment

The IMENCA process

From sophisticated research findings, 15 factors were uniquely identified to explain most of the variance between funding success and failure.

Our easy-to-apply IMENCA™ system offers:

  • Investor benefits from higher quality investment opportunities and greater success in funded ventures
  • Entrepreneur benefits from enhanced business models and improved capacity to attract funding and trade successfully

Every investment opportunity listed on the enable Funding platform has been through the IMENCA™ system:

  • Experienced the intensive BEC workshop
  • Received mentored support for evaluating and optimising the business
  • Presented pitch to the Listing Committee
  • Passed due diligence

The IMENCA™ System is truly a great “enabler” for improving entrepreneurial capacity, attracting funding and enhancing the likelihood of investment success


IMENCA Testimonial

As the CEO of MediKane (one of Australia’s most innovative ‘Food as Medicine’ companies), Rod Lewis provides insight on his invaluable experience with IMENCA.