How we help companies raise capital

One of the great entrepreneurship obstacles today is access to capital

Too many emerging companies struggle to raise capital. Our venture capital market is small by world standards and bank funding is often hard to secure and maintain. Without sufficient funding, great Australian ideas cannot develop and flourish. The ability for new ventures to create wealth for shareholders and the community is stymied.

We are solving this problem:

  • We are leading a global boom in equity crowdfunding at a time of unprecedented opportunity of Australian business in the digital economy;
  • If your venture is genuinely innovative, and wants to raise up to $5 million to grow, talk to us. We can connect you with 29,000 potential investors in our community;
  • We are an ecosystem of opportunity. We guide companies on their capital-raising journey, assist in the preparation of documentation, market offers and help attract funding. We assist companies to present a clear, compelling and credible message to investors;
  • Our executive team includes some of Australia’s most experienced investment bankers and we have in-depth experience in capital raising, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. We unashamedly and carefully choose which companies to support;
  • We only work with high-quality, innovative companies that have potential to deliver returns for our investor base;
  • Every business that works with us is put through a Business Evaluation Calculus process known as the IMENCA™ system, which was developed through 25 years of academic research at Swinburne University.

How to fund with Enable?

Enable Step 1

You lodge an Expression of Interest ('EOI'). EOI questions are a pre-cursor to undergo the IMENCA process. Only a subset of EOIs make it to IMENCA.

Enable Step 2

You complete IMENCA. We evaluate the results to determine the venture’s funding suitability and potential. Only a subset of companies get through this stage.

Enable Step 3

You pitch the business to our Investment Committee. This rigorous screening process by senior executive team identifies suitable companies and any potential business model or operational changes that can maximise fund-raising success on the Enable Funding platform.

Enable Step 4

If your company is chosen, we begin offer document preparation with you, using in-house and external resources.

Enable Step 5

Your company’s completed offer document is uploaded on to our platform and an extensive marketing campaign to both your VIP contacts and our investor base begins.

Are you ready to get Enable funded?

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