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Is Enable Funding a stock exchange?

No. Stock exchanges are able to show live buy and sell offers and are subject to high levels of compliance and regulation. Enable Funding is a platform that provides the tools for companies and funders who have acknowledged the risks of investing in companies outside of regulated markets such as a stock exchange, to communicate more efficiently and manage what is needed for a successful transaction.

Can I easily sell shares I buy in Enable Funding profiled companies?

Not generally. Unlike stock exchanges such as the ASX where there is significant liquidity, secondary sales of shares in unlisted public companies occur relatively infrequently.

What is a "compliance listing"?

For companies whose capital raising offer has been declared "closed", the Profile Page will be automatically transferred to a
Compliance Listing on the Funded Opportunities page. Enable levies a yearly fee to maintain admission.

All companies which are transferred to a Compliance Listing must remain compliant with Quarterly Reporting and submission of Annual Reports for at least five (5) years following the closure of the company’s capital raising offer, unless:
a) at a general meeting of the company’s shareholders, 85% or more of the shareholders agree to delist the company from Enable; or
b) the company is listed on a stock exchange.

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