User comments and questions are an integral part of Enable as they enrich our website and provide valuable suggestions and feedback to our issuers.

The tone and the quality of the comments are important to us as we want to provide an environment in which all users gladly contribute their ideas and suggestions.

Below we provide our etiquette for participating with comments.

Please keep in mind

  • All users are entitled to their own opinion, so please don’t try to impose your opinion on others.
  • A good comment refers to the respective issue.
  • Please always maintain a friendly, respectful, and factual tone and do not react to the provocations of other users.
  • Your comment should use correct spelling. Constant capitalisation of words is considered an improperly loud manner of expressing your ideas.
  • Cynicism and irony in written comments are often difficult to identify. Thus, use these stylistic devices carefully in order not to be misunderstood.
  • Treat other users as you want them to treat you. Always remember that you are interacting with humans, not with virtual personalities.
  • Please note that user comments are always published together with the reply by the company. Thus, it may take some time before your question and the reply are published.
  • If the length of your comment causes the time necessary for replying to be extraordinarily long, the comment may not be answered at all. We ask you to please understand that issuers have to focus on their core business.

 Basic rules

There are some rules that all participants of discussions must obey:

  1. We do not tolerate insults.
  2. Discriminating or defaming other users or social groups because of their religion, background, nationality, income situation, sexual orientation, age, or sex is expressly forbidden.
  3. Comments that are libelous or damaging to other people’s business or reputation may not be posted.
  4. Suppositions and unsubstantiated accusations are not permitted.
  5. Advertising and other commercial contents do not belong in comments. Please also refrain from mentioning your blog or your website in each of your comments.
  6. Personal data, such as private addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses, may not be published.
  7. You must have the necessary rights to distribute the content you publish. If you publish content by third parties, make sure you are authorised to do so.
  8. To answer comments by others, please use the “Reply” button so that the course of the discussion can also be understood by third parties. Do not create new discussions for each post.
  9. The length of your comment should be succinct and brief.
  10. Links to external websites are not allowed.
  11. Please refrain from reposting comments that have not been activated by the moderators. There is no guarantee that your comment will be published.
  12. Our comments section is intended for all users. Consequently, individual users are not allowed to take over our comments section by means of seemingly endless discussions and constant posts, thereby limiting usability for our other users.


We attempt to be as transparent as possible when moderating comments. The list below describes how and when we might intervene:

  • We do not activate comments if they violate the above rules. We reserve the right to exclude users from discussions by deactivating their accounts or limiting their ability to comment if they seriously or repeatedly violate our etiquette.
  • Our issuers must remain competitive and thus protect sensitive and confidential data. Thus, please understand that questions concerning sensitive or confidential information will not be activated.
  • We do not activate comments and questions by competitors of our issuers and affiliated persons in order to protect our issuers from smear campaigns by their competitors.
  • Please understand that the issuers also have to focus on their core business and may not always answer all inquiries immediately.
  • Please do not post your questions and suggestions directed at the moderators as public comments. This disrupts the discussion of the actual subject.


We ask you to please read your comments once again before you click the “Submit” button. Could other users be offended by the comment? Is it unambiguous? Does it say what you want to say, and do you also want the whole world to know your opinion?

Have fun writing your comments!

We reserve the right to amend or change this etiquette at any time.