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World’s first equity crowdfunder

Launched in 2007, Enable Funding (formerly ASSOB*) is the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform.

We assist unlisted companies to raise capital, enabling innovation and growth.

We provide investors, including individuals, companies and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), the opportunity to invest in public unlisted companies.

Our track record speaks for itself – no other equity crowdfunding network in Australia has raised more capital or worked with as many companies as we have.

We apply a very high standard of corporate governance and reporting, with a focus on minimising risk wherever possible.

Australian owned and operated, with unparalleled experience and results, we are passionate about making a difference for companies, investors, the economy and our community.

* ASSOB is short for Australian Small Scale Offerings Board.

Learn more about the new crowd-sourced equity funding legislation >

Enable for...

  • We help Australian entrepreneurs access capital;
  • We support innovative ventures;
  • We assist companies in commercialising innovations;
  • We provide opportunities for emerging companies.
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  • We provide highly screened opportunities;
  • We make the process of investing simple and easy;
  • You select the businesses that you believe in;
  • You can now get started and invest through our platform.
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